Organica Cleaning Services is a company which is passionate about improving the quality of life in our homes and environment. We will provide all of our costumers peace of mind and tranquility knowing they are receiving the highest quality of luxury cleaning along with no harmful impact from chemicals to the environment and to our loved ones.

Conventional cleaning methods and cleaning products are dangerous not only to the environment, but are also harmful to our children, pets, and even ourselves. Organica’s products are completely safe for anyone to be around and also do a great job in cleaning and disinfecting dirty areas.


Trained, Hardworking Professionals

Our staff consists of a group of highly trained individuals who provide the highest quality of luxury cleaning and care for your home. We will always provide exceptional work and costumer service.

Although there may be other alternatives in housekeeping, no one can compete with Organica and it’s staff which has a combined 20 years of experience. Your satisfaction is guaranteed week by week, month by month and year by year.


Our Mission

Organica Cleaning Services is dedicated to the cleanliness of homes while improving the health of our earth and all those who inhabit it.


“Here at Organica we guarantee our services to be clean, healthy and of the upmost quality.
Your home is our number one priority. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!”

Jair, Owner and President