Regular Cleaning

When looking to set up a schedule where our professional maids come to your home monthly, biweekly or weekly this is the type of cleaning you would enquire about.

Our focus during a Regular Cleaning is to scrub the bathrooms, the kitchen area and focus on the floors. These are the areas of the house that tend to accumulate the most mess because they are used every day. These areas may become increasingly hard to clean because they tend to accumulate the most grime. The rest of the house is cleaned as well, but it doesn’t require the amount of scrubbing that the main rooms require. Therefore we mainly dust, clean and wipe down surfaces in other parts of the home during a Regular Cleaning.

If the rest of the house (baseboards, doors, door frames, windows, etc.) have excess amount of dust, dirt or grime, and require a scrubbing as opposed to a wipe down then refer to the Deep/Spring Cleaning section of this page.