Deep/Spring Cleaning

When looking to do a very thorough cleaning of your entire home, this is the type of cleaning you would enquire about. (This type of cleaning is recommended if your home hasn’t been cleaned for a very long time or if you are selling your home and need to take pictures/do a walk through.)

During a Deep Cleaning, we focus on the entire house as a whole. We are going to have the team come in and scrub the house from top to bottom. We will scrub baseboards, door frames, and all doors along with deep cleaning the bathrooms, floors and the kitchen. This type of cleaning usually takes a group of maids several hours to complete and we recommend maintaining the home clean with a Regular Cleaning to avoid having the grime, dirt and mold settle back into your home again.

(All of the cleaning done is on the exterior, meaning that they will not clean inside of the cabinets, oven, or refrigerator. If you are looking to clean inside of only the appliances, check out our prices under the Interior Windows, Cabinets, Refrigerator & Oven section. If you are looking to clean the inside of cabinets before moving into or out of a home then please refer to the Move In/Move Out Cleaning section.)